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Hi, I'm Angela, and I'm a documentary photographer

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What is a documentary photographer you ask? Someone that helps you capture real moments in your life.

You get all of these beautiful family photos taken, and those are wonderful, but what about the every day moments? 

Your husband working in the garage.

Your kids playing in the yard.

You getting ready and putting your makeup on.

You cuddling with your puppy.

Your husband and kids watching a movie together.

Those are the moments that shape you and your life. They should be documented so that you can remember the small details and share them with your kids as they get older. 

They're important.


He rolled his eyes at me. Again. We were never going to agree. I needed to think of a sneaky way to get him to bend to my will. Marriage. I miss making all the decisions on my own. I was really good at it.  

My husband and I have never agreed on the importance of family pictures every year. He doesn’t even like to take pictures when we go out somewhere.

Maybe you can relate to this conversation:

You: “So I think we should get family pictures done this year.”

Husband: “….do we have to?”

You: “It’s really important to me! I love having pictures of us.”

Husband: “We look the exact same as we did last year. But I’m fatter with less hair.”

You: “But I really love pictures of us. Come on, pleeeeease??”

Husband: “Can’t we just do a self timer picture of us? We don’t even have kids yet. When we have kids, we will take pictures every year.”

You: “Yeah right. But what if we can’t have kids?”

Husband: “I don’t know what to tell ya, but I think it’s dumb to take pictures of us when 2 years ago we paid for all these nice pictures for our wedding and we pretty much look the same now as we did then. If you can find someone cheap we can talk about it. But I think it’s such a waste of money.”

Is that familiar to you?

Yeah. Me too.

We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary and it has been such a wonderful 2 years, but seriously, I would rather get a root canal than convince my husband to take pictures.

When I was a kid, I carried around those disposable cameras and took pictures of everything. I have pictures from middle school and high school, and when digital cameras came out, it was like Christmas day to me!


Looking back on pictures and remembering people, feelings, and events has always made me sooooo ridiculously happy. 

My best friend Vanessa died in a car accident almost 4 years ago now, and the pictures that we took together are some of my most prized possessions. I put a book together with all the pictures and wrote down all the memories I have. When I look at those pictures, I feel like we are making our music video, eating Pasta Roni and watching High School Musical, and staying up late talking about boys and wondering who we would end up with.

You know when you’re at a summer camp and they have a slideshow at the end of the week? I was the kid that hoped I was in it A LOT, and if I wasn’t, I felt like they had missed out on allll of this (yes, that includes a finger wave and a head swagger. You know that’s right.). Totally vain and so so so true. You know you feel me on that.

So when I was offered a job to be taught to be a photographer a few years back, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!

It was a studio job, and I learned all about lighting and posing and how to chase around toddlers and try to get them to sit still for photos. It was fun, but it didn’t feel really natural to me to take pictures in the style that the studio needed.

I quit after a year and decided to start my own photography business.

The first focus: Newborns.

Why? Because babies are the cutest, that’s why.

After about a year, I realized that I had picked newborn photography because I thought it was the practical choice for when we had kids. I could still do that photography and do it out of my home and it would be easy to do.

What I had wanted to do, and hadn’t because I was too much of a chicken-face, was documentary style photography. But coming from a very traditional studio with posing and very formal style photos, I felt like I had no idea how to even get in to photography that captures a moment or an emotion or just seeing the beauty in regular boring stuff.

So for a whole year I focused solely on newborns, and it was a blast. I got peed on and pooped on more than you’d like to know, and I was able to really learn a lot about natural lighting and running my own business.

I did a lot of internal soul searching and working on who I wanted to be, and what I really wanted out of life.

I started taking pictures of my dog and my husband while they were sitting on the couch, going to the door to go to the bathroom (dog, not husband) and making dinner (husband, not dog). We have no kids, so a dog and husband it was.

Angela Hatch Photography

Seeing my life, just my regular old boring life, was really exciting to me.

The only problem was, I am in no pictures with my dog OR my husband. 

Which is really just not fair because both my husband and dog don’t even care if they have pictures of themselves, and I really like having pictures of myself. So, kind of lame.

I realized that there are probably a LOT of other women out there who feel the exact same way that I do.

They want photos of themselves interacting with their families and just being real, but they are always the one behind the camera. They are always stuck, out of the pictures, unless they can convince someone else to actually take a picture of them, but then it’s posed and awkward and the moment has passed and it’s not the picture that they really wanted of their husband wrapping his arms around her and kissing her cheek spontaneously and catching on her face that feeling of butterflies in her stomach.

 I decided to do documentary photography so that moms and wives could be in the photos that they really wanted of their lives.

Women that wanted family photos but their husbands hated posing or getting ready or smiling regularly for the camera.

Women that wished they could have a picture of:

Playing in the backyard with their 3 year old who is covered in mud and making mud pies while singing to herself.

Doing dishes and watching tv with their husband at the end of a long day. Snuggling in on his shoulder and feeling like nothing bad could ever happen while you’re right there on his arm.  

Watching the dog eat their peanut butter out of her Kong Kone and knowing that there is only a minute or so before she brings her toy up to you, squeaking it over and over, until you give in and start playing with her instead of being productive.


Angela Hatch Photography

Those are the women that I decided to do Documentary photography for.

They are the women that appreciate the beautiful moments in their lives and just feel grateful for what they have. They want pictures to be a happy memory rather than a super stressful one.

Real life inspires me every day. It’s beautiful and messy and makes you sometimes want to kick a wall, but it’s what deserves to be captured.

I am a documentary photographer.

I capture real life, as messy and crazy as it may be, and I do it so that women can be in pictures of their own lives.

Because you want more than to be just the person behind the camera.

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*Clients generally invest between $2000 and $6000 for their photo session and products.