10 steps to a perfect photo gallery wall

I had the amazing opportunity to go onto Studio 5 and teach a little bit about how to decorate photo gallery walls. If you didn't get a chance to watch that, here's the clip:

If you want some more specific tips that I didn't have time to share, I thought I would put them right here for you. So keep reading!!

10 steps to getting a great asymmetrical wall gallery

1. Tape off the area that you want to fill – it gives you an easy way to visualize where to begin. The most common shapes are obviously square and rectangle, but do not be afraid of other shapes if it fits your style and the room! 

photo wall gallery utah newborn photography

2. To start, put together and cutting out pieces of paper in the size that you’d like to put your photos. You can then decide later which photo will be which.

3. Now for this next step you need to find eye level (remember that from earlier?), and then decide if you are going to have a large center photo or split the center with 2 photos. I love larger photos as the main focus and then just filling in any extra space 
with smaller photos so I started my wall with a 16x20 in the middle. I would generally recommend larger than this, but I wanted to show a LOT of photos so I started with a little bit smaller photo in the middle than I normally would. 

wall photo gallery utah newborn photography

4. You have the large middle photo ready to go, and now you can start to visualize what you'd like to happen on your wall. On this wall I wanted to create balance around the main photo and just have a lot of fun putting a whole bunch of photos up. If you like something more simple, I have more asymmetrical examples at the bottom. This is the part where you can go crazy and have a blast. I recommend that you keep about 2" between large photos and 1-1 1/2" between smaller photos, but go with what your gut tells you. It's your wall and you should love it. So do what makes you happy!

photo wall gallery utah newborn photography
photo wall gallery utah newborn photography

5. Get all the papers taped on the wall and examine your awesome work. Check to make sure that everything is the size that you want and looks nice and balanced. 

6. Buy your frames. Once you buy them, you can make sure that they all look great together on your wall and that your vision was indeed a vision.

7. Order your photos (I recommend not ordering from Walmart, Shutterfly, Walgreens, Costco, etc. because when they print the photo their printers do an auto correct on the coloring. This results in darker shadows, more contrast, a yellow-ish hue, which is not what you want when you are printing your pretty photos. Try Nichols Photo Lab in Salt Lake. They have reasonable pricing, and if you tell them to not do an auto-correcting they don't, and the coloring is beautiful. It makes the picture look like it should look. Plus they're a local business, and it's always fun to support someone in your community. 

8. Nail your holes through the paper to make sure it’s going to be in the right spot. This makes it easy when you nail it in and then can just rip the papers off the wall and your nail or photo hook is perfectly placed for your frame.

9. Put your photos in the frames (or if it's a canvas, just get them on the wall), and admire your beautiful work! 

10. Make sure to invite people over to show off how cute your wall looks and the beautiful pictures on it! This is the absolute most important step! So don't forget it :)

wall photo gallery utah newborn photography


photo gallery wall utah newborn photography
photo gallery wall utah newborn photography

symmetrical wall ideas

Symmetrical walls are easier to start with if you are getting stuck with an asymmetrical wall gallery idea, so here are some cute and easy ideas to get you going!

photo gallery wall utah newborn photography
photo gallery wall utah newborn photography
photo gallery wall utah newborn photography
photo gallery wall utah newborn photography


1st Gallery Idea: First find eye level, which is generally between 56"-63", depending on your wall. This will be the middle of your hallway gallery. Now you tape off a long rectangle that spans the length of the hall. This is the shape that you need to fill. Next, buy a frame that fills the height of your rectangle. You can then have fun buying different sizes and colors of frames and fill in the rectangle. Add in a larger frame to fill the whole height every now and then to switch it up, and just have fun!!

hallway gallery utah photographer

2nd Gallery Idea: Find eye level (always an important step), then make that the middle of your gallery. You now create a top and a bottom gallery that are flush with the middle. They are not quite mirrored, but do have a repetitive pattern that is offset from one another. 

hallway photo galleries utah photographer


When decorating a stairway wall, you need to follow the stair line. Make sure that you measure every few stairs to make sure that it is equal distance every 2 or 3 stairs going up. Follow the stairway line. Your eye won’t like seeing just a straight line when the stairs are going up. On the top part of the gallery, have fun! You can keep it following the stairs, have a repetitive pattern, or have 3 or 4 long vertical photos just going up the stairs. As long as you love it, make it happen. 

stairway photo gallery utah photographer
stairway wall gallery utah photographer

Remember, photo walls can be changed over and over again. Don't stress about "getting it right". Just create a wall that you love and if you get sick of it in 3 months, change it again. There is no wrong way to display your photos, just make sure to get them off your computer and displayed in your home. And have FUN with it!!!

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