3 Tips to Make You Look Beautiful in Every Photo You Take for the Rest of Your Life

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It was like pulling teeth out of my own face.

Getting him to look at  the camera, act normal, not tense up, it was really stressful! I wanted everything to be perfect, these pictures were going into our wedding announcements. Not to mention the fact that it was super windy, freezing cold, I had gotten there late, and my skin on my face was dry and flaky for whatever reason that day. You know how they say that love conquers all? Well, if these photos didn’t turn out, we would just see about that philosophy.  My photographer told us to just act natural, but to get real smiles, I had to be ridiculous enough to get us both to laugh. We tried to do the serious faces, and that was a complete disaster to be sure. We are just not serious face people.

Fast forward 1 month. I loved our photos. They were beautiful, the lighting was perfect, we looked natural, and you couldn’t even notice my flaky skin, my hair looked alright, and most importantly, you could see really what our relationship was. You saw us. And I loved them so much.

Looking back, I wish that I had enjoyed that whole experience more. It took me about 45 minutes into the session to loosen up, stop being mad that I was late, and to just let go of the fact that I am not a super model and I never will be. I have round cheeks, acne, and a chin line that I wish was tighter. But you know what? The photos of us that we can show our children and reminisce about how young we were, and show our children how in love we were then, and still are, that’s what really important. I lost sight of that for a minute there. (And yes, we have a million of those photos on our walls. We have only been married a year and have no kids. I don’t mind the shrines at all!)

Getting family photos taken can be extremely stressful. I want to help you have a less stressful process, and any great photographer will also do the same thing. Before you even step into my studio, we will have talked on the phone about your session. We will discuss colors, what to wear, how to do your make-up and hair, how to get your husband to come, how I will handle your toddler in the session, what products we will be shooting for (if you would like wall art, an album, or both), and any other concerns you have.

If you follow these next 3 tips, you will look beautiful in every photo for the rest of your life.

1.     Prepare your wardrobe/hair/and makeup before the shoot

If you don’t know how you’d like to do your hair, practice different styles to see what you like. If you don’t do makeup often, either practice doing it beforehand or hire someone else to come and do it for you. Choose the outfits far in advance so that you don’t even have to worry about it.

The less stressed you are, the better your photos will turn out. I promise 1 million thousand gajillion percent. Prepare in advance so that the day of you aren’t freaking out about how your hair is or trying to figure out what to do with your makeup. It’s not worth the tears and resentment you will then have towards pictures. Pictures are awesome. So are you. You should be friends for life.

Find an outfit you feel incredible in! Don’t try to wear something just because you saw some tiny little Russian model wearing it in Vogue. Come on now. None of us will actually look like that in that outfit. She doesn’t even look like that in that outfit. If you are having a hard time figuring out what looks best on your body type, find a style consultant.

Here is one that is in Utah (my neck of the woods), but I’m sure that you can find them wherever you live!

This is Alicia Richmond, and she has been on Good Things Utah and is now a regular feature on Fresh Living on CBS’ Sale Lake affiliate. Her goal is to take fashion trends and transfer them to real body types of real women. Here is a link to her services if you feel like this is something that you don’t really understand and would like to figure out how to dress your body type.



My mother always taught me to get ready, try to look my best, and then when I left the house to forget about how I looked and just smile. Her mother instilled that in her when she was complaining about a bad hair day right before school and her mom dumped a bucket of water on her head, told her to stop thinking about herself, and sent her off to school with sopping wet hair. True story.  This principle has been difficult for me at certain times because I have struggled with acne ever since I was 12, and depending on the day, it’s still a struggle. I remember while I was dating my now husband, we went sledding. I was feeling especially self-conscious about my face that day. It was crazy wet outside, and I decided right then, that it was more important to be fun than pretty. Ironically enough, that is the night we decided that we were going to be exclusively dating. I guess the whole “fun” thing worked :)

If you smile, people really do notice that more than your acne, your crooked tooth, your double chin, or anything else, because your smile shows who you really are.

So do your best to look nice, plan in advance, and then forget about your looks. Focus on your family!


2.     Relax

This I think is the most important tip. When you are stiff in photos you don’t look like yourself and you can’t feel the emotion that you need to feel to get those beautiful photos you want. If you are angry at your children, do you think you will capture a beautiful moment? Of course not! Have you ever seen a photo where the couple just looks so posed, and it’s not cute or adorable at all? Yeah. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.

"I never know what to do with my hands in a photo. Put them on my lap, and I feel awkward. Put them on my spouse, do they really look ok there? Is my chin too high? Should I turn my nose? What are my kids doing? They need to look at the camera. Smile kids!"

Stop it. Just stop it right now!

You need to let go of expectations of what the “perfect photo” really is. Maybe your 2 year old really won’t pose and sit nicely while looking at the camera. He may, however, have a cute photo with you where you are spinning and laughing together. Which one is a “perfect photo”? If you relax, your kids are more likely to be relaxed. Children feed off of your energy. They know what you’re really thinking. They’re sneaky like that. (And if you’re more relaxed, you’ll look better in the photos! See? A cycle of beautiful photo making)

Make sure to trust your photographer. It’s their job to make sure to capture flattering angles, special moments, and beautiful photos for you. Pick someone that you trust to do that so that you can really relax during the session. THE PHOTOGRAPHER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU LOOK IN THE PHOTOS. Can I say it again? Don’t you worry about how you look one bit.



Did it work? Did me telling you you’re beautiful make you believe it completely? Most likely not. I could get Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, and Patrick Swazey to come and tell you how utterly gorgeous you are, but you would probably have a hard time believing them because of a number of insecurities you have. And that is totally ok. Every one has insecurities! We should always be working on feeling good about our appearance, but really, it’s normal to feel like something on you isn’t perfect. Cause guess what? It’s not! Bodies are incredible, but the perfection we see in media everywhere? It’s not real. Photoshop is real, perfection in bodies is not.

I have 2 amazing articles about not waiting to get photos done because you don’t feel pretty enough below. They seriously are incredible.

The first article is written by a photographer named Teresa, owner of My Friend Teresa Photography, and it talks about how she had not gotten pictures for 6 years when she was then in a near fatal accident, and how that changed her perception on photos. Take 5 minutes and definitely read this article:

“So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed? . . . Ok. But you’re the only one who notices. The rest of us are too caught up in loving you.”


This next article was written by a fabulous glamor photographer named Sue Bryce. She discusses her insecurities with getting in front of a camera because of her weight even though her job every day is to take women and make them feel beautiful in front of a camera. Her mantra,

"You can't wait until you are perfect ... Because you are never perfect or maybe just maybe you are."


Family photos are not about capturing how “gorgeous” you are, it’s about capturing your family in a moment. Remembering the feelings you guys had for each other, or how it felt to hold a tiny new baby in your arms. THAT is beautiful. Those feelings and moments are beautiful. When you look at photos 10 years from now, I hope that is the beauty you see, and that you don’t focus on how your hair looked, or the top you were wearing. Those are not the most important parts of a photo. The feelings between you and your loved ones is always the most important thing in the whole world. 

I hope that from here on out, you will realize how beautiful every photo of you is. It captures who you are at this moment in time. It captures your relationship with your children. It captures the love you have for your husband. You are beautiful, because the relationships you have are beautiful when they are captured. 

Did this article help you realize how beautiful you are in your photos? Do you know anyone who this could help? Share the link with them!


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