Utah Newborn Photography - Why I do what I do


My name is Angela and I am a photographer. I am not one of those people who has wanted to be a photographer forever, who majored in it in college, and who knew this was their life path.  I’m the girl who went to BYU, had no idea what I wanted to major in, picked Communication Disorders (Speech Pathology), graduated, decided to take a year off to think about if I wanted to go to Grad School or not, worked for Senator Hatch for that year, decided not to go to Grad School, thought about going back for a 2nd bachelors in Vocal Performance, auditioned for those programs, got in but decided it wasn’t the right move, worked EFY (a youth camp) for my 3rd summer, got a job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and after working there for 8 months heard from a friend that a photography studio that she had just started managing was hiring and was going to train a group of us to be photographers. I wanted out of the Salt Lake Airport parking garage and I was tired of renting cars, so I said I would love to. 

(This is me with my cute husband. Isn't he dreamy??)

That is the crazy road that has lead me here. I went through the professional training of working with kids, families, newborns, and learning all about posing, lighting, angles, etc. It was a blast. It was crazy hard and sometimes I felt like crying, but it was amazing overall. I started figuring out how to create something, share it with someone, and have them love it. I had never experienced this before because I would not consider myself a particularly crafty person. I am not someone that has always loved creating, I’m the person who loved and appreciated when others created stuff. I loved working with people and just creating relationships with them as I worked. The best part was seeing their faces as they looked at their photos, and knowing that these were a part of their lives now forever. These are the pictures that would be on their wall, would be in their child’s wedding video, on their Christmas Card, would be in Grandma’s house, and so many other parts of their lives.

Unfortunately, that business took a turn for the worse and ended up closing. It was sad to not be enjoying that creation and working with people, so after a few months of working as an Office Manager, I decided that I needed to do photography again. I wanted to focus on Newborns because I think they are so adorable and precious and I love capturing that special time right after they come into the world.

So now, here I am. I love creating beautiful photos and challenging myself to try new angles and set-ups and different types of photos with these new babies. I love being able to do it out of my home and hope to be able to do it when I have children as well, so that I can stay home with my own babies but still do photography as well.

This is the right path for me. It has taken a few years of confusion and lack of direction, and a happenstance of a friend offering me a job at just the right time, for me to find what I truly love doing: helping people capture beautiful and fleeting family moments.

I love this work, and I hope that one day I can work with all of you as you have your own babies, and that we can create beautiful art to hang in your home and share with your family forever. 

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Angela Hatch Photography shoots newborn photography in Utah. She loves working with women during their pregnancy week by week and helping them plan their customized newborn session for when their baby comes. Newborn photography is Angela’s passion and she would love to help create a personalized and extremely special experience for you and your family. She can even help you with baby names if you’d like! Although you probably have that covered. Contact Angela today to schedule your newborn photography session or to ask Angela any questions that you may have.
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