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Photo Valentine Ideas | Angela Hatch Photography
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Are you looking for a fun and original Valentine for your kid this year? Are you tired of the box Valentines? Does your child want to stand out and give something personal to their friends? Well why not try a photo Valentine! They are easy, fun, and personal. You can make them very easily by using things you have around your house (or a few things from Dollar Tree), it will only take you about 5 minutes to take a picture, and then all you have to do is print them and you're good to go! 

I have created 4 fun ideas below that you can use and make sure your kid has the coolest Valentines in school!

I originally went on Studio 5 to share these ideas. To see the video clip, click on the button below!

Photo Valentine Ideas for Kids  | Angela Hatch Photography

This one is so much fun because all I did was take an umbrella, some glittery hearts from Dollar Tree, and some fishing line. I took a needle and thread the fishing line through the hearts, tied a knot at the end, and then tied one string of hearts to each corner of the umbrella. The best part is that you can as many strings of hearts as you want. Go crazy! I loved this picture outside because it’s an umbrella after all, and I just told this little cutie to have fun with the umbrella. Most importantly is to just let your kids have fun in the process of all this. It’s supposed to be fun!


Photo Valentines for Kids | Angela Hatch Photography

Who doesn’t love a good mustache? Am I right? This just shows that you can make props for a Valentine’s photo out of stuff you just have at home. I used construction paper and a popsicle stick. Easy enough, right? I thought it would also be really fun if you found a plastic mustache, or a stick on mustache, or a candy mustache and instead of the mustache being in the picture, you could tape or glue it on to the photo itself as the gift.  Make sure to use a blank wall if you’re going to add text so that it’s easy to read after you add it.

Eye on you

Photo Valentine Ideas for Kids | Angela Hatch Photography

I love this one so much, because I love the sass involved. These glasses were again from Dollar Tree (my favorite store for props), and then I made sure she was on a blank wall so that she really stood out from the back.  Another way to do this that would be funny would be to take a silly face picture of your child and then put googly eyes right on their eyes. A little bit creepy? Maybe, but kids would think it was hilarious and awesome to give to their friends (especially boys I would guess). You can also add the googly eyes to the candy like I did in the video. I put cute little eyes on a heart sucker so that it goes with the pun of the card.

Blank Heart

Photo Valentine Ideas for Kids | Angela Hatch Photography

This one is so simple and I love it. Choose a blank backdrop (I used a window with just a sheer sheet in front of it for the look below) and have a cute heart for them to hold. You can make or buy them, but just make sure it’s big enough so that you can eventually write something on the heart when it’s printed. You can then add text to the background and let your child write the name of who it’s to in the heart with a sharpie once it’s printed. It’s personal, so easy, and adorable.

have fun & get creative!

Remember that the photo doesn’t have to be fancy, you can use things you already have around your house, if you want to add text to make sure to use a blank background so that it’s easily read, and HAVE FUN!!!


More Valentine Pun Ideas (get creative!)

I’d be a nerd not to ask you to be mine (nerds)

You rock! (pop rocks)

I'd be "soda"lighted if you'd be my Valentine (with a soda)

"Orange" you glad I picked you as my Valentine?

I'd be tickled pink if you'd be my Valentine

I'd be "egg" static if you'd be my Valentine.

I'd "pop" with excitement if you'd be my Valentine

I'd go "Nuts" if you'd be mine!

You're the apple of my eye Valentine

I'd go bananas if you'd be mine.

I'd be a "dum dum" not to pick you as my Valentine.

I think you are a little cutie (with a Little Cutie Clementine)

I'm "red hot" for you Valentine.

I'm "sweet" for you Valentine

You're "cool" Valentine. (a picture of you're kid bundled up or doing anything cold)

You're out of this world Valentine (kids dressed up like aliens of have Milky Ways attached)

You're a Home Run Valentine (with them holding a baseball bat)

You're a Slam Dunk (or any other sports reference)

adding text to your valentine

If you decide you want to add text to your photo, just drag the photo into either word or paint and add a text box. You can then put whatever you want on the card and it’ll be ready to print and hand out.

I have collected 11 Valentine fonts that I absolutely love and they’re free! Check out the links for those below.  Then you can add adorable, Valentiney fonts to your cute pictures!

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