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Life is crazy

We get up, go to work, try to survive, deal with depression, loss, infertility, joy, weddings, messes, exhaustion, quiet time, books, music, art, cooking, screaming, adventures, and happiness.

It's an intense ride.

Oftentimes you get caught up in the chaos of it all and don't stop to appreciate it for what it is. Take it in and soak in where you are right in this moment.

Whether it's good or bad, this life that you're in, it's YOURS and only yours. Every moment that you have is another moment creating who you are. It's a moment more of your daughter growing older or it's another moment that you and your husband have to cherish just the 2 of you together because your infertility treatment didn't work again.

It sucks and has all sorts of highlights all at the same time.

It's beautiful. You are beautiful because of it all. 

When you look back, do you want to remember yourself as photoshopped and perfectly dressed? Or would you rather remember the love between you and your husband on an average night cuddling together eating Bugles and watching The Voice? 

Do you want your 2 year old smiling perfectly at the camera? Or do you want her dancing around in her diaper while holding her favorite stuffed bear and sucking her thumb?

Your life is worth documenting. YOU are worth documenting. 

Stop hiding behind the chaos and stress. Find the joy in your life, and capture it. 


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