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I have a unique structure to my packaging and prices.

Most photographers now-a-days will just give you a disc full of all of your images and send you on your merry way, right? 

Well not me! And I'll tell you exactly why:

1. About 90% of the people I gave all of the high resolution digitals to on a disc NEVER printed them. They are just sitting on their disc, or their hard drive to rot for all eternity; or until the hard drive crashes and you can no longer access your photos. 

2. If you are paying for professional photos, you DESERVE to have a professionally finished product delivered to you. You are paying for a professional experience, and you end up leaving with an unfinished product! You still have WORK to do! Yuck. You should have someone take care of you from START to FINISH which means making sure that your photos are printed in a book or for your wall so that you don't have to do anything else after your session.

3. Most of the time, people want digitals so that they can share them online or put them in a scrapbook or print them for grandparents. I TOTALLY get that, and I want you to as well! So what I do, is I include 20 digital images, printable up to a 5x7 size, just by you booking a session with me! That means that you can share all those adorable pics with your friends and you still have files that if you really needed to, you could print 1 or 2 for grandma and grandpa. You can definitely buy more digitals, but I do include these so that you can have them to share and show off your family!

4. I love being able to give you products that will last for 100s of years and become family heirlooms. How cool is that?? Instead of your child saying things like, "I wish I had more pictures than what was on Instagram, since Instagram is now gone and all the pictures with it and we never printed any and I'm sad that I don't have pictures of my childhood printed." (Longest run on sentence ever, but you get my point.) I LOVE looking at old family pictures, and they are always printed! They last waaaaaaay longer than digital files and never become obsolete because your eyes and hands will always be around! 

So now that you know that it is way more awesome to have a photographer that takes care of you, gets you amazing heirloom quality prints for your walls or in a sweet album, here is the pricing outline.

We are going to have an AMAZING time working together and I can't wait to meet you and your sweet family!

*Most clients spend between $2000-$6000 on their session and products

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